Faculty & Staff

Christian Collegiate Academy’s faculty is renowned for its pursuit of excellence in and out of the classroom.  CCA teachers are experts in their field as well as people who care deeply about sharing their knowledge with young adults.  They are known for setting high standards and coaching students to success.

Committed to Excellence in Education

CCA teachers are life-long learner. They are expected to attend conferences and workshops that keep them informed about research in the art and science of teaching as well as recent developments in their field.  The majority of our faculty hold advanced degrees from a variety of colleges and universities.  CCA faculty members continue to take graduate courses upon completion of their degree.  CCA faculty write for publication and present seminars at conventions and conferences.  Each faculty member develops a professional growth plan that aligns with their teaching assignments and areas of professional interest. In order to instil a love for life-long learning in students, teachers have to model their own excitement at continuing to learn.  In addition to taking classes, CCA faculty belong to professional organizations in the fields they teach and read a variety of journals on a regular basis.  Life-long learning helps us to keep our curriculum aligned with the expectations of colleges and current with research in each field.

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