While each department has its own goals and objectives, there are underlying strands in the academics at CCA. We are a college preparatory academy. Our graduation requirements are clear. Our registrar, faculty advisers and teachers work with each student to make certain that she or he will successfully graduate in a timely fashion. They also help guide individual students as to which course level should be taken, so that the student is appropriately challenged, while learning at a pace that is comfortable for him or her.

CCA graduates know how to write well and how to use technology effectively and ethically. As stated in our name, we are a Christian school. Our faith in God permeates all we are and all we do, including our coursework. We encourage students to wrestle with what their faith means to them and how they can integrate their faith in their academic and daily lives. We use several different curriculums, pulling from the strengths that each has to offer. The elementary grades use Abeka for all of their course studies. Once students reach middle school, the math department feels that Saxon offers a more challenging course of study for our students, the remainder of our curriculum is Abeka.

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