Helping HandsEnglish courses at Christian Collegiate Academy train students to become excellent readers and writers. Teachers engage students in discussions about literature and mentor students one-on-one as they work through the writing process. At the same time, teachers aim to deepen each student’s appreciation of the richness and beauty of God’s gift of language.  They challenge students to think critically about literature and about how Christian faith both deepens and challenges the perspectives of the texts they read.

The middle school language arts program weaves together five strands of language learning: literature, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. Emphasis is on enjoying the play of words in literature and in everyday speech, on honing self-editing and rewriting skills, and gaining an ever-greater command of the English language for both written and oral communications. Students study a variety of literature including poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction, and drama.

In the upper school the English curriculum emphasizes both close textual analysis and understanding the broader historical and cultural context of each work of literature.  Courses are structured around genre studies in the ninth grade, and surveys of world literature, American literature, and British literature in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, respectively.

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