Social Studies

At CCA, “Social Studies” is an umbrella designation for courses in geography, history and political science.  Students develop broad geographical, political and chronological schema.  They foster critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.  All of this is preparation for full and meaningful participation in the world.  The course outlines resemble those at other college preparatory schools:

  • Geography explores relationships between environment and culture.
  • History interprets the course of world events.
  • Political science analyzes political structures.

Students are expected to command necessary information, understand each discipline’s intellectual tools and procedures, and become familiar with the great debates within each field.

old-books-1-1424716-640x480At CCA, a Christian world view under-girds learning in each discipline. Since all of the Social Studies explore the human condition, they beg reference to the biblical doctrines of creation, fall, redemption and providence. Courses are therefore especially attentive to religious institutions, practices and attitudes and have a different understanding of their significance. Since the Bible assures us that God is the Lord of history, questions of the larger meaning of events naturally arise but without simplistic or academically unsound answers.

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