At CCA, we strive to prepare our students for college and success in the real world.  Both places require strong computer and analytical skills.  With this in mind, our teachers are committed to integrating technology in the classroom.  They are teaching by example, incorporating PowerPoint and multimedia presentations in their lessons.  They use academic software programs in their science, math, music, journalism, and world language classes.  Teachers expect that papers are typed.  Other projects incorporate PowerPoint presentations and more.

Many computer based classes are offered.  During the year, students can take Computer 1 and Journalism.  When CCA students graduate they are able to type at a minimum of 35 words per minute with 90% accuracy.

The actual skills of using the computer is only one piece of technology.  Some other vital pieces include thinking analytically and acting ethically.  The 4th and 5th grade classrooms have computers in their rooms for daily use.  Proper use of technology is also enforced in the classroom on an assignment by assignment basis.

Students and faculty have access to technology in the school.  The Academy has a network system and each faculty member has a desktop.  Every classroom has access to a SMART board.  Students can use desktops in the library and in the media lab.  CCA is committed to integrating technology into the classroom and to ensuring that graduates are technologically prepared for college.

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