World Language

learn-english-1-1413363-639x852The study of world languages promotes communication with other people, as well as provides linguistic and cultural insights into the world God created. The classes in Spanish fit into CCA’s curriculum objectives by expanding the students’ scope of knowledge about the diversity of daily living and speaking in the world. Based on the conviction that the human race was created by God, and hence bears His image, CCA seeks to develop students’ innate desire and capacity to seek out and understand truth about themselves and others, their environment, and their Creator. The study of languages gives students a multitude of opportunities to explore and appreciate other cultures.

The primary goal of World Language instruction is to acquire a working knowledge of the language so students can understand and express themselves clearly and effectively in that tongue. Four basic skills are involved in world language study: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking.  The class emphasis is placed on comprehension and speaking skills, correct pronunciation, response to questions, pattern practices, vocabulary, and grammatical exercises.

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