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Lady Bulldogs SoftballThe mission of the Christian Collegiate Academy Athletic Department is “to provide our students with the opportunity to utilize athletic participation and competition as a means of continued individual and communal development.”  We know that by fulfilling this mission, the Athletic Department helps to accomplish the Academy’s overall mission, especially in the context of a Christian community.  Athletics inherently and intentionally creates an environment where valuable characteristics can be learned and refined.   These characteristics include, among others, integrity, dependability, respect for one another, and a commitment to excellence.  We challenge and encourage each student-athlete to reach his or her potential in these areas, as well as maximize their physical ability in a competitive setting.


CCA Varsity Footbal

Varsity Football

We are committed to strong athletic programs while also recognizing, too, that athletics exists side-by-side with the academic commitment of our Christian institution.  We seek to develop student-athletes that are successful in the classroom and on the playing fields.  Efforts are made to have athletic schedules interfere minimally with classes, extra help sessions, and other events that contribute to the complete experience of a CCA student.  It is our hope that our student-athletes are passionately devoted to their endeavors in the classroom, and exhibit that same passion on the fields of competition.

Althletic Schedules

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