About Christian Collegiate Academy

Christian Collegiate Academy is located in Gulfport, Mississippi and has been instrumental in helping many young people throughout south Mississippi develop a firm foundation upon which to build their future.

CCA is a faith based program designed to provide an alternative to the public school system.  The Academy features small class sizes enrolling students from the age of six weeks through the 12th grade.

CCA is accredited with the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools and is associated with the Association of Christian Schools International.

Regular classroom hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm.  The Academy has an excellent Fine Arts Program, excelling in choir and drama.  Extracurricular activities include boys and girl’s basketball, baseball, fast pitch softball, volleyball, golf, football & cheerleading.

Christian Collegiate Academy has a state of the art computer lab, a fully functional library, SMART boards for the classrooms and all classrooms have internet connectivity.

Purpose and Philosophy

Christian Collegiate Academy is an institution dedicated to developing growth and maturation of the total child: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  We believe, teach and therefore strive to educate young people that human knowledge allows us to reach our true potential only when that knowledge is applied to life in light of the truth of God’s Word.

CCA is not just another private school.  It is first and foremost, a CHRISTIAN school.  One of the most important purposes for the existence of CCA is to serve Christian families with a school that is as “Christian” as possible in terms of curriculum, staff, student fellowship, and Biblical instruction.

The mission of CCA is to work hand in hand with the home and the church to provide the environment, instruction and opportunities for service to educate and train leaders for Christ who function successfully in today’s church and world.  Our primary objective and purpose is to train students in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life and to give the student an excellent education.  The personal salvation of each student is our primary goal.

Christian Collegiate Academy History

Christian Collegiate Academy (CCA) was established as Bible Baptist Christian School for the purpose of training young people in a Christian environment by Bible Baptist Church.  The emphasis has been and remains today on man’s responsibility to God first and foremost.  A loyalty to country and God’s establishment of authority of the home are strongly adhered to.  We firmly believe that knowledge and wisdom come from God, and the seeking of it must also end there as well.  Christian Collegiate Academy does not believe it is its responsibility to rear children but to assist parents in Biblical training of their children.

Pastor Robert Coffey established Christian Collegiate Academy as Bible Baptist Christian School in 1971.  He began with just a kindergarten program.  The school added grades each year until Pastor Ronald Jenkins took over as superintendent in 1974.  In 1975 the junior high and senior high were established.

The facility sits on 20 acres of property.  The facilities have grown over the years.  In 1971 there was a single building housing the school.  It is the southern most section of the current church office building.  The next building was the old auditorium, which had classrooms in the back and served as the chapel and was used for plays and programs.  In 1975 the North – South wing was built, which contained the library and pre-school classrooms.  The next school building to be built was the gymnasium, which was completed in the spring of 1988.

In the spring of 2000 the new sanctuary was completed.  This sanctuary is where the students attend chapel and any special functions like plays, programs, etc. are held.

The curriculum was the Accelerated Christian Education Program form 1975 until 1986.  In 1986 Principal Mike Bardin instituted a major curriculum change by switching to the Abeka program.  In 2004 to the present time, the school is accredited through the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, which is recognized by the State of Mississippi.

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Our campus received extensive damage and loss of equipment. However, God has graciously provided the repairs/remodeling of all our facilities, as well as, the construction of a brand new 41,000 square foot multi-purpose building. This state of the art facility now houses our daycare, pre-school, kindergarten and entire elementary grades. It also provides a huge new gymnasium, administrative offices for Bible Baptist Church and rooms for nurseries and Sunday School classes.

Building “A” of our facility is now dedicated use for our middle and high school, and also houses the school business office. We invite you to come tour our facility anytime so we can share the excitement and blessings God has bestowed on CCA.

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